Game Changing Innovations for all Hair types.

Dream Filter Pre Shampoo Mineral Spray.

You may not realize it but your shower water contains minerals that can dull and darken your hair.  It’s the #1 reason why hair color starts losing its freshness a few weeks after its been done.  Dream Filter spray gently lifts off mineral deposits to reveal your freshest, brightest color and silkiest texture in under 3 minutes.

Color Security Shampoo.

Revolutionary sulfate free formula has no typical ingredients (silicones, thickening agents, conditioners, oils, pearlizing agents)  that do not easily rinse off, leaving build up on your hair and scalp that can dull hair and block follicles.  Unique 100% clean sulfate free no residue formula wont dull hair or block growth, for freshest healthiest glossiest results.

Dream Coat Supernatural Spray.

~humidity blocker and unequaled frizz stopper with over 20,000 5 star reviews! Breakthrough moisture resistant technology activated by blow dryer heat, leaves hair silky glossy and immune to frizz.  The secret to creating glass hair styles. Dream Coat lasts through up to 3 shampoos.